Politics thrives in denial

If you search for something that seeps into all facets of politics, you will find that denial plays a role from left to right.  Each of us lives in our own little wonderland of denial.  And so we accept or allow it in local, state, regional, and national politics.  Washington, DC and Madison, WI breed denial in all things political, social, and economic.

If you want to be believed you have to play the denial game.  The public will simply not accept anything that does not play the game of denial to at least some extent.  The bedrock of our culture is built upon denial.  There is absolute denial and storytelling embedded in what we "believe."  That is certainly true of all religious belief systems.  And it is transferred over into politics very easily.  In fact, much of politics uses the denial system in religion [sometimes called faith] to build political philosophy and platforms.

And our political beliefs have been formulated and evolved from the beginning of our nation with denial as one of the foundations.  Capitalism or American free enterprise requires denial to exist and thrive.  Anyone involved in making money off of the work of others must carry on in denial ...very selective denial.  So, our economic system requires us to believe that it is perfectly OK to live off the sweat of others and not to worry about it.  To a degree, I agree with that and play the denial game.  But it seems to me that there must be at least a tiny twinge of guilt and/or denial when it comes to accumulating wealth off the work of others.  But successful business and capitalism are so engrained in our thinking that we salve over any guilt and even deny any appreciation for those who serve us.

With denial and selective denial firmly in place, it opens up a wide spectrum of political mumbo-jumbo, and we question and criticize anyone who tries to remind us that we should appreciate the work others do for us.

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