Horrible U.S. mistakes in Iraq

Some years ago I often berated the invasion of Iraq by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and one of the most incompetent administrations in U.S. history.  I expressed my opinion that anyone who knew anything about Iraq and its history would not have made the stupid mistakes that the U.S. made there in the first decade of the 21st century. .  It was so obvious that anyone with even an elementary knowledge of that nation and region recognized the stupidity of U.S. actions.

Yes, the horrible dictator Saddam Hussein was defeated and executed.  But, as I clearly predicted from the day of the U.S. invasion, the only outlook possible for Iraq would be civil war between the Sunnis, Shias, and Kurds.  Iraq itself was never a nation geographically, ethnically, culturally, religiously, or anything else.  Iraq was cobbled together as a nation by European colonialists.  Only a powerful, ruthless dictator could hope to hold it together.  Any hope for Iraq must come from first recognizing the deep differences between the groups.  I predicted civil war and it is civil war that Iraq is now experiencing.

The future for the area is bleak indeed.  Unless some intelligent leadership is shown by North America, Europe, and the Moslem nations of the Middle East, Iraq will disintegrate into a simmering, exploding area. 

Indeed, what is now evolving is a civil war that seems to be leading to an attempt to establish a jihadist nation including parts of the nations of Iraq, Syria, and perhaps Iran and Lebanon.  Turkey may also be dragged into all of this horrible stew.

What must happen immediately is for the U.S., Europe, and the other, stable Middle East nations to sit down together and make some INTELLIGENT decisions to direct some choices for the area that will, in the long term, bring stability and sense.   This will not be an easy or short-term task.  The Bush administration greatly enlarged the problem and the morass. 

Of course, with the present make-up of the U.S. Congress, any hope for intelligent decision-making on Iraq is a near-impossibility.  Therefore we have a very long-term Middle East battlefield in which many lives are going to be lost, land is going to be switched back and forth among power groups, oil supplies may be threatened, instability will seem to last forever, hostilities will erupt among the nations of the area and those nations with special interests in the Middle East, unimaginable stupidity will pour out of Washington, and we may be confronted with weaponry and savage, brutal warfare unknown thus far.

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