Double-standard U.S. patriots

It looks like we shall be hearing about Benghazi at least until the next presidential election. It appears that the Republican Party needs a patriotic platform to once again haul out in deception. And now the GOP has the most devious and double-standard group to add to their "army" of political deceivers, The Tea Party! [ugh] While Senator John McCain has joined the eager-beaver patriots in clinging to the Benghazi "revelations," he seems to have conveniently pardoned himself from paying attention to the American vets who were left dying as they waited for V.A. appointments to address their illnesses. The number of vets who were left to die while waiting in McCain's own home of Phoenix, Arizona, is an amazing number. The number who died in Benghazi were several and that has caused a Republican uproar to have the head of Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State under Obama. While the scandal in the V.A. was brewing for some time, and most knowingly in Phoenix, Senator McCain did not give any attention to the matter. The vets died by the scores there as they waited weeks and months for medical attention. Double standard by McCain? OK to be a vet and die in Phoenix, but horrible in Benghazi? The conservative politicos in the United States have always used certain issues, sometimes rather mundane ones, to detract from their right-wing fight to save themselves from paying their fair share in taxes or having a level playing field in business. The super-patriots in the Republican Party have been puppets of the plutocracy in the U.S., and used any diversion they could to protect their greed. This greed and questionable patriotism was most disgusting when the right-wingers have taken military assertiveness to make themselves wealthier by selling military-related materials they produce. War is money, and using devious "patriotism" to start wars is now a part of American capitalism. Do the wars in Grenada, Nicaragua, Iraq, etc. ring a bell? Does Halliburton ring any bells? The Contras? Reagan secretly selling weapons to Iran? Vietnam? Greed knows no shame. When do we Americans tire of the super-patriots who want to fill their own pockets? When will we wake up and stop the special favors granted to the wealthiest and most greedy in our society? Look around you. Do you see any people in need? Greedy adventurism does not give a damn about poor Americans. Whether you eat or have health care or housing are beside the point when it comes to serving the plutocracy. If you need social services or charity you are labeled greedy or lazy, but when you receive tax breaks or special off-shore favors or military decisions to make the plutocracy happy then that is considered patriotic. Wake up America. You are losing your democracy.

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