Through the right-wing din, a compliment for Obama

In President Barack Obama's recent speech he outlined his historic observations, his outlook for the future, and some general comments about America's special place in the world. 

What seemed to anger some extreme right-wingers was the objective and intelligent nature of the speech.  He did not resort to contrived rhetoric about America's readiness to use its military might to enter quickly into international disputes and developments.  His comments and observations were intelligently measured, and rightfully warned about those who want us to use military power ASAP.

While there is legitimate questioning about the U.S. being so hesitant and reluctant to enter into the civil war in Syria, Obama rightfully called attention to a couple of serious mistakes and disasters that were the result of jumping quickly into international conflicts: Vietnam and Iraq.  Unlike previous Presidents who blatantly lied to the American people [LBJ and Geo. W. Bush] in order to justify entrance into Vietnam and Iraq, President Obama has been correctly measured and intelligent in dealing with the conflict-promoting extremists in the U.S.  There will always be trigger-happy politicians, many who play this role to try and garner the votes from super-patriots.  War, invasion, military action are not ALWAYS the answer to solve international problems.

Let us hope that our leader in the White House remains steadfast and measured in making military decisions about international conflicts.  Mistakes have been made which are extremely cruel and divisive here, to say nothing of the great cost in American lives and treasure in Vietnam and Iraq.

Yes, mistakes have been made by President Obama, but most criticisms are leveled by people who have miraculous hindsight and love to dwell in the say nothing of their right-wing leanings.

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