Elected officials, members of the House and the Senate owe the American people some serious legislation in two area, in the “payment of the debt” and in the provision of a “guaranteed minimum annual income” for all adults.


Significant movement along these lines will not only strengthen our economy but will bring us a renewed and sustained prosperity.  The debt is like a mortgage that requires regular monthly payment. 


And guaranteed annual income for all adults we know would at least for the next several generations function as a deferred dividend payment to the stockholders of this country, the American people who go to wars and who do or are expected to do the detailed and dirty work that this country requires doing.


If the members of Congress do not have the guts, the courage to develop legislation in these areas, they should not be there and they should be shamed out of these positions.  The longer we defer signification reduction of the debt in relation to the domestic income the more we reduce our economic potential.


Payroll and welfare taxes are a burden on the function of business, a substitute for a fair distribution of income.  The rich shall always be with us; therefore they should be able to make sustained payment toward the use of this economy for their own enrichment.


The accomplishment of legislation in these two areas is as important to our national function as is the security of our nation.  And security of nation does not come free. It requires payment.   War does not come without economic costs.  Therefore, we should be cautious of war, external and civil and the function of the economy for the American people, not merely for the rich.        

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