We are a nation of people where if we are not so wise, we can follow the wisdom presented us by many wiser. 


If we believe in wisdom, then for one thing we know that life begins at conception. And before going into the many other understandings of conception, I believe that we also know that conception usually requires two people. 


The old fashion way involved two people, a man and especially a woman who on conception give of those elements of life that they carry within their adult living living organism and were planted there when they were conceived. 


We are talking about the egg of the female and the sperm of the male coming together in the womb of the female and implanted there for development for many months until birth.


In a sense life is a continuum given us by our fathers and mothers or life passed on at the point of conception.  Human beings give a great deal of respect and concern toward human life.  Human life is wonderful from the point of conception. 


In America, beyond conception we are to believe that we are born equal not only within the eyes of God.  That each of us is equal therefore in the eyes of law and government.  Each of us has God-given rights, described as life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  


So first of all at conception and later on at birth, that child is the recipient of those social aspects of being born in America as “rights.”  That individual being so important that he or she has the right and privilege of voting for the type of government and the people desired within that government, a government of the people, for the people and by the people.


But nowhere have we mentioned that that life and liberty entitles us, as precious human beings from inception, to food so that we don’t go hungry, or shelter and the appropriate environment so that we don’t get sick and appropriate health care to protect that precious life if we do get sick. 


Many precious human beings cannot find the deserved and dignified ways to provide for these elements of life.  American ideals and principles are based on the precious nature of the individual from conception to death.  Shouldn’t we establish an economy based on the theory of the precious nature of all human beings being born here and living here?


I would propose that we add to our present economic thinking. 


That we add to our thought of us as a national family the notion that each and all of us has the right to a minimal standard of living and that through our democratic government that we establish an economic program that provides all of us with the means for a minimal life so that all of us be given a bench height, and economic base by which we can pursue the benefits of individual liberty and the happiness it presents.


Conceived as God’s children, we have it within our means to provide the dignity that all human life deserves.

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