Today the lake sparkles under the bright sun in acquiescence to the calendar and concurring that it is really Spring in Wisconsin, late and after a long hard winter.  A spring, perhaps the last that I had hoped we’d spend together at our summer nest.


And now come late, it will be a source of memories and affectionate sensations.  I’ll absorb its entire atmosphere and rethink those moments of comfortable happiness of all those years that people of age usually experience.


Memories can best be reviewed in one's loneliness, in the absence of others.  I look forward to one more summer of that place, that place of life so dear, yet without feelings of enduring assurance.  


Life is the experience of place and people and all the relationships presented.  She loved the sunrise, the view of the lake and of the adjoining forest, as well as the birds and the flowers.  If there is indeed another place, I wish it to be very much like the one she loved here.


She would have loved seeing the arrival of spring as it once again presented evidence of the season, another view of the sparkling lake.


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