If God did not create the universe, how did it get started?  This is the type of question originating out of human logic. 


Could a cell, one of many millions within a whale ask, if it could do so, how did this whale come about?  It could probably no more learn the answer, than our scientists on this piece of space can, before the earth explodes into the other forms that seem predictable, perhaps measurable and logical.


Our logic calls for the beginning and end of things.  The universe does not seem to operate within a similar logic.  It seems that the universe never had a beginning nor shall it have an end, even if its change appears constantly moving toward an end.    


The knowledge of beginning and the end of the whale’s life is not within the scope of one cell within the whale.  The whale as it exists did not provide for its own understanding by one of its cells nor does it seem that human beings understand the meaning of their existence.


We are asked not to consider God’s beginning or end, for this knowledge is not for us to gain, not within the realm of human understanding.  The big bang only satisfies the question of beginning that our logic calls for.  Yet within the reality of the universe, the forming of the big bang, the beginning of our universe from something else has no meaning as it seems in a state of constant formation.


Our brain it seems was designed to accept our existence, in this moment in time, a moment with a high degree of permanency, for we would extend that moment by moving some of our specie to another planet for eternal existence or for no other purpose than to gain the knowledge of what the universe is doing here anyway.


Of course, not all of us are concerned with the beginning and end of the universe.  Some wonder how the whale got here.  Some ask, “what’s for breakfast?”

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