What ever happened to our democracy?

Democracy requires some sort of equality and honesty if it is to survive.  Think about it.                        Some of the more famous "forced-truths" that an oligarchy of wealth has foisted on us that simply are not true...

When big business and wealthy individuals prosper, the wealth trickles down to the general public.  Wow, is this not true.  And this has never, EVER been proven true on a national scale. 

We have nothing to hide.  The John Doe probe and the immense effort to squash it by right-wing groups makes it obvious that there is much to hide.  And what prompted this second John Doe investigation of Scott Walker and the Republicans in Wisconsin?   The fact that the first John Doe resulted in a number of Walker's staff when he was County Executive going to jail.  Why would all this out-of-state money be poured into stopping the uncovered information of the second John Doe from being released to the general public?  What is it that the right-wing does not want us to know about what has been and continues to be uncovered?  The citizens of this state have a right to know, and then make their own judgments about its relevance to them.  This is a huge scandal that is trying to be silenced.

The Climate Change scare has not been proven.  Huh?  About 98% of the scientists who are experts regarding climate have heartily supported the information and conclusions offered about how man is bringing about severe climate change that will affect all the citizens of the world and the environment they live in.

We have too much government involved in our lives.  It is the right-wing, conservatives, Republicans that want to have the government snooping around your physician's examining room to decide about how women should be checked and restricted concerning their own bodies.  These same right-wingers want to close government facilities, but not in their district where they bring in money.  They want the government using Christian images on government property.  They want the government to spend tax money to support religious charter schools.  They want the U.S. military to get involved around the world to protect the greed of American corporations.  They want the government to stop protecting you from health-damaging products and corporate actions, and give tax breaks to the wealthy and huge corporations.  It is the political right that wants to pull the strings and effect your life far more than the left.

Fox News is "fair and balanced."  If you believe that then let me offer you a deal on a bridge in Brooklyn.  Rupert Murdoch and Fox are obviously and in a sinister manner biased toward the political right.

Let the people decide.  What?  Who did the majority of Americans vote for in 1990?  Which political party has led the battle to re-configure the voting districts in the U.S. so that Republicans gain an unfair advantage?

The United States of America does not resort to torture.  Oh yes it does!  During the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan there were plenty of examples of the U.S. using torture on people in dark places around the world.  In fact, the sick mind of Vice President Dick Cheney seemed to wallow in torture tactics.

Our Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution with its amendments provide for one citizen-one vote.  No it does not, apparently.  The Supreme Court has designated strange configurations of corporations as citizens with a vote.  Your vote equals that of Halliburton or the Club For Growth [without the money and influence, of course that you do not have].  Wealth equals voting power.  Is that the U.S. you want?

Between now and the next election you will be told many facts that are not truths.  You should feel an obligation to know the candidates, know the issues, and know what you are up against.  Your one vote only exists if you fight for it.  Otherwise the wealth oligarchy that rules more and more of the U.S. will simply plow you under.  The steamroller of money and bought-influence are stealing your democracy.

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