Born equal, the meek shall inherit the earth, the eye of the needle and greed is good.



A whole new world was born through the acceptance of the notion that everyone was born equal, this in opposition to the then established patterns of aristocratic rights that went with being born in the upper classes.


A form of equally privileged, of democracy was to be established by slaveholders advocating equal rights for themselves against the heads of colonies appointed by the aristocratic British government.


Today the notion of a failing equal rights structure based on the declaration of independence and touted by those who believe themselves to be sons and daughters of the original revolutionists merely because of their opposition to taxes are the main advocates of those earlier aristocratic privileges.


The observation that the poor shall always be with us and that they shall perhaps inherit the earth is today translated into the notion that they are not born equal, as they prefer food stamps to honest work.  Moneychangers once thrown out of the temple have now become that basis of the temple operation.


Our economic system has invented ways of moving camels through the eye of needles, big enough to sail oil tankers through and assuring billionaires entry to the Kingdom. 


The world has learned to cope with the idea of evil in societies where evil is the infrastructure of operation.  For just as we can substitute referral to death insurance as its opposite, life insurance, we can also learn to glorify greed where once the most religious of leaders denounced greed as sinful. 


And today politicians can refer to the document that expounded the notion of equal birth while at the same time denouncing those born in poverty as being potentially dangerous to those who ride camels, even when some only quietly refer to “equality” as an element of national responsibility, a notion outstandingly proclaimed in that “sacred” document.   


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