We as Americans have two serious concerns that reach beyond parties and the power concerns of those in politics.  They are both economic and both require a surplus of revenue.


At the same time the burden of payroll taxes on businesses must be significantly reduced so that revenue intake doesn’t hit at this point in the market.  In return, a special income tax to take in revenue to regularly pay down the debt must be established. 


In addition to paying down the debt, we need a system the provides for a minimal living income for all American adults and with time rid ourselves of most welfare programs that at the present are intend to work against continued poverty situations.


These are two points that most of us and both parties can agree on, reduction of debt and reduction in the number of people in poverty requiring welfare payments based on payroll taxes.


Governments generally attain most of their revenue from taxes.  Although most taxes go for good causes, most people do not like paying taxes.  But as the saying goes, “nothing is more certain than death and taxes,” so we need to face up to both.


A payment of a monthly sum to all adults to achieve a minimum standard of living is better than burdening the payroll to maintain welfare programs and that will also leave the market to determine what wages will be.


A guaranteed income to all will give the market a stability that could eliminate depressions if not periodic recessions as well.  At the present time, an average minimal of  $3,000 per month would be the required amount by each adult in the U.S. to keep out of poverty.


We need a “revenue producing system” that would balance off these payments and a similar amount to go directly to paying down the debt on a monthly basis.  The result would be a prosperous economy and one of the best standards of living in the world. 


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