How low must Gov. Walker go?

Scott Walker brought with him to the Governor's mansion a host of smarmy and quasi-legal tactics.  A John Doe investigation found six of his staff guilty of crimes committed while serving him in the Milwaukee County Executive's position.  Walker already had a history of extreme favoritism when he served in the Wisconsin legislature. 

The John Doe probe that put members of his staff in prison or to guilty verdicts found additional information during the investigation that led to looking at the huge sums of out-of-state money that poured into Wisconsin to help defend Scott Walker when he was involved in the process of Re-call as governor.  After the dirty laundry and actions from his years as County Executive, Scott Walker was thought by many to be incompetent or at least not honest enough to be Governor of Wisconsin.  So a movement was launched to remove him from being Governor.  How's that for a wonderful resume?

The out-of-state groups that poured money into the state to support Walker spent much more money to prevent the John Doe information from being released to the public, and they tried to stop the second John Doe.  Why is all this out-of-state money being spent to prevent the citizens of Wisconsin from learning what was found in the John Doe probe?  Probably because it is further damaging to the sleazy record of Scott Walker that is accumulating at an alarming rate.  Or maybe not [a-hem].

The record of Scott Walker is amazing.  He does not have a college degree, yet he has proposed and/or enacted legislation that is far-reaching and hurtful to the Wisconsin education scene.  School districts are clamoring for the money that was taken from them by Walker-led actions.  And Walker has appointed members who serve the University of Wisconsin who have questionable backgrounds and/or have a very limited education resume themselves.

When running for Governor, Walker promised 250,000 new jobs would be created.  That is now a joke.  And Wisconsin resides in the lower third among states in job creation.  And in other areas the State of Wisconsin is touching near the bottom of the list.

Walker has kept Wisconsin from being a part of the speedy rail system that will cover the U.S. in the years to come by nixing the section that was to come to Madison, including hundreds of millions of dollars of federal tax funds allocated for it.  Repeat: Wisconsin will now be prevented from hooking up to this rail system that is a hallmark of future interstate business in the U.S.

There is so much more that disqualifies Scott Walker from being Governor of Wisconsin.  Yes, some of the criticism is political, but much of it is legal and proper.  He has surrounded himself with a sleaze team.  He had advocated for educational decisions without having a college degree himself.  He has spent huge blocks of time outside the State of Wisconsin at events that try to enhance his national political image.

Perhaps never before in the history of Wisconsin has it been more important for citizens to get to know the background and history of the man who now sits in the Governor's seat, Scott Walker.  Please study.  Please learn.  Please stop the bleeding.

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