Pay attention to Wis. Republican statements

 Meeting in Milwaukee this weekend, the state Republican Party has had to hide from itself.  If could not possibly be open and up-front or it would erase itself.  So, it had to do a double-shuffle, a magical trick in order to have the general public accept the Republicans without up-chucking.  Consider...

A growing branch of the Republican Party wanted to consider secession from the United States if things did not go exactly their way.  How did the Republicans handle this craziness?  They didn't condemn it.  They didn't criticize it.  They told the Tea Party and Libertarians: shhh.  We want to get elected so don't tell the public your intentions.  How's that for what passes for honesty in today's Republican Party?

Of course we had the usual patriotic baloney from the Republicans.  You'd think they were the most loyal Americans.  You'd think they are the most dedicated to adhering to the U.S. Constitution.  Here is how that double-talk played out at the state GOP convention...

First, they had to do their little prancing and strutting about their loyalty to the U.S. Constitution.  And then, amazingly, in a nation and Constitution where religion is to be neutral and no specific religion is to be fostered by the government, many Republicans want to spend TAX money to support non-public schools.  And some of those schools would promote specific religious teaching using our tax money.  Huh?

And our political magicians and liars, the GOP, goose-steps to words about there being too much government in today's society.  OK.  So what do they do at their convention?  They come up with all sorts of ideas to get the government involved in our daily lives, our private physician's office, our public schools, limiting our right to vote with trumped up ways to prevent the non-existant voter fraud, ad infinitum.  The GOP wants to get the government snooping and manipulating all parts of our private lives that will help elect right-wing politicians.  It is not enough to win an election with the most votes, one has to turn to that facet of the government, the right-leaning Supreme Court,  that will loyally carry out the right-wing agenda and have George W. Bush elected President of the United States, even though the American people elected Al Gore.

Under the right-wing snooping, the right-wing determines who can vote.  If you are poor, without a car, working long hours, and are limited in your personal mobility, you are out of luck when it comes to voting.  If you can't manage to get an "offical" government I.D. because of those limitations, you are declared a non-voting member of society.  Why impose these restrictions?  Because of voter fraud, though no one or no group has ever proven any voter fraud of any size anywhere in the U.S.  It is the right-wing government who will determine if you can vote or not.  If that isn't enough, they have ways to arrange to re-district voting boundaries so more right-wingers get elected.

Ah yes, the good ole USA.  Democracy by manipulation.  The Republican Party has the mechanism and the money to get whatever kind of democracy they desire.

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