Our modern communication system developed over years by minds of unimaginable capabilities provides us everyday with the stupidities of others of our species. 


A great society cannot today find a way to govern itself with the collective intellectual capacities it shows in less human and non-personal endeavors.


Several centuries ago, a small group of men where able to put together a document declaring “that all men are created equal and have the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


Both the major political parties claim ownership of the collective thinking expressed in that political philosophy.  Both parties disagree on the political meaning of “created equal” and on what is meant by or what constitutes “inalienable rights.”


There is no agreement on how the government can contribute or open the door to the inalienable right “of life,” to that same right to “liberty” and what the government is to do in the “pursuit of happiness” for all individuals.


This document and these words are the focus of the governmental structure and process by which the people of this country, of this nation and of this society seek guidance in forming what is referred to as an “economy” for the purpose of bringing about equality within the society (“born equal”).


Can government find ways to guarantee “right to life,” even define “liberty,” and beyond that, contribute to the “pursuit of happiness” by creating “an economy” or allowing “an economy” to develop for these purposes?


Most acts of congress and of the government and decisions of the Supreme Court generally deal with aspects of “economy.”  Therefore on running for office a candidate immediately becomes fascinated by his apparent role as an “economist.”


Most politicians seem to more easily define what heaven is or where it is located than to give meaning to what “economy” is or how to pay off the debt without sufficient revenue for doing so.


No one of Jefferson’s stature said the human communication system was to be created nor that everyone had the right to access it and that it was an inalienable right of nature and that all be given the ability to retrieve any and all information in the pursuit of happiness.


It would seem that we should at least define the term “economy” if it is to be of such significance as a political instrument of social guidance toward “equality,” one of the principles on which this nation was founded.


How do economist point us toward a more equal society where the basic structure of the system is made up of growing sizes of lower or poverty classes, a decreasing size of the middle class and an increasing size of the upper class of which the upper 1% and 2% (“the luxury class”) is in its small numbers the recipient of excessive portions of the national income.


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