What is a country?  What is a nation?  What is a society?  What is an economy?  Does one definition call for the superimposition of the others?


A nation, it would seem has the strictest of physical boundaries.  A country may be another word for nation without as much emphasis on government but likely to have similar boundaries and characteristic aspects within these boundaries. 


A society, generally formed within this defined area may spill over into what may be considered to be artificially drawn lines where countries touch each other and these referred to as boarders are broader in width and fairly nebulas from a social standpoint.  And here the borders may form lines or areas of intermixture.


Economy is more of a concocted definition and perhaps less real requiring more imagination in understanding its floating and semisolid traits, perhaps nation- centered but with broader characterizing contributions to what the nation actually is, more descriptive of function than boundary restrictive.  


Politicians are ready to use these words, combining or giving little reality and specific meaning to what they are saying.  


We often hear the term “in the interest of the nation or of the economy” meant to give patriotic ring to what is being said yet few understand what economy is beyond reference to a lot of busyness and the production or the consumption of a lot of money on a grand or national scale.


The term society, on the other hand deals with who is doing what and the effect of busyness, production, consumption and money on the population that is referred to as a nation.


It appears that each term is ineffective when indicating real meaning without including all the knowledge and references that we find in each of the other terminologies.  There is generally nothing specific in each of the terms and there is perhaps less wisdom when these terms flow out of the mouths of politicians.  


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