Today it becomes difficult to separate thought from words and words from thought.  Words become the building stones of language, social expressions of collective life and the basis of the various cultures.


Words are not only used to communicate with each other, they have become necessary in expressing who we are to ourselves as well as grown invaluably appropriate for the purpose of understanding ourselves as individuals and especially for describing our relations with others. 


Novels become words chasing after the most complicated of imagined situations that could not be brought to mind without the proper combinations of words. These combinations become more important than the single word itself. 


Perhaps science itself would not exist if human beings had not developed their ability to speak and inscribed their thoughts in stone, then on paper and now by electronic means they are placed at our finger tips every minute of the day and being used as I’m doing here. 


Would an aboriginal have even considered or be in the position to discuss this subject as I’m doing today?  He or she would not have been surrounded with sufficient words to be lead to the subject.


This subject itself perhaps being as superficial to many as today’s discussion of the National Basketball Association’s predicament, the Tea Party’s political positions or the Russians explanation of their interests in the Ukrainian. 


The first two situations linked together in what can be expressed as and have developed in our interpretation of social systems referred to as “capitalism,” the third, perhaps to historian’s notions of “imperialism,” when emperors created what were referred to as the empires. 


Words bring various images to mind and these images are dependent on the perspective of the individual or groups ingesting the words individually or collective in their minds.   


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