Wealthy, Successful, still ignorant

American history is loaded with people who are "successful" and wealthy and still conduct their lives stupidly. Reminding you of the stupidity of the rich and famous is easy as pie.

The recent comments by Los Angeles Clippers owner joins a throng of stupid comments [to say nothing of the horrid bigotry it included].  A hidden microphone caught him saying the dumbest, self-incriminating things.  But those comments on a hidden microphone remind us of our current Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, who was captured talking on the phone to someone he thought was one of the Koch Brothers.  Walker totally sold himself out like a timid little puppet to the Republican powerhouse.  Problem: Walker is still Governor and stands at least an even chance to be re-elected.  When will we ever learn?

How about then-President Bill Clinton and his affair with a White House staffer named Monica?  How about the extra-marital affairs of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower?  And even Franklin D. Roosevelt fooled around.  Each were re-elected.  When will we ever learn?

Americans have been propagandized to believe that having money or position indicates intelligence, to say nothing of fidelity.  Intelligence, you say?  Does the name Donald Trump ring a bell?

How about one of the most successful men in American history, Henry Ford?  If you want bigotry, you should read what he printed in the newspaper he owned, The Dearborn Advocate.  Or the fact that Mr. Ford actually received an award, a medal, personally from Adolph Hitler.

The industrial leader of the duPont family tried to hatch a plot to overthrow democratically-elected Franklin D. Roosevelt.  duPont contacted Marine General and hero, Smedley Butler, and tried to talk him into leading the rebellion.

Has former Vice President candidate, Sarah Palin, said enough dumb things for you?  She should be a total embarrassment to the citizens of the United States, but some still support her efforts.   Perhaps it is because she said she knew foreign policy because she knew where Russia is.  How amazing that a former Governor of Alaska would actually know where Russia is!  When will we ever learn?

As we approach some very important upcoming elections, I hope that you will not overlook stupidity in candidates, even if they are extremely wealthy and/or extremely "successful."  Our democracy has had just about enough stupidity as it can stand from wealthy and/or "successul" people.

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