While most of Shorewood’s residents slept as did those of other communities lining Lake Michigan, the broadness of the Lake forming a distant horizon that gives early risers a stage upon which the sun can play what appears to be its rising role did so this morning once again.


As background to this report, I can report further than when the clouds are not too many, too dense and sometimes not too low, a good display of all the colors that could be placed at one scene are there to bring pleasure to the mind more than merely suggesting the existence of soul.  Our link to sun and universe is given daily evidence. 


One and then a few birds seemed to rise high as they greeted what appeared to be this rising wonder.  A few white caps approached the beach as reminders of the Lake as this great stage setter.  


All in all, Shorewood, in our little village, we share in this universality of events each early morning.  Then if we stay a while, the birds will make their presence heard on this, this small spot, on our part of our planet, on this our earth’s setting. 


As we left this view and with light morning winds, our Lake made its rumbling-self more audible, the increasing number of white caps and their total vastness reminding us that the Lake also boarders even larger settlements.  But this, this morning was my very own personal view. 


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