Human beings are inclined to judge others on less knowledge than they have of themselves and still claim that they do not know themselves all that well. 


Yet we must work with others with minimal knowledge of them hoping that is sufficient.


An answer to my claim to know very little about a specific person was that there was very little necessary to know other that he was former CEO of a quite small firm.


I know others who are CEOs of quite small firms, but truly they are all quite different people and with more to know about them.  


We pretty much operate on the edge of knowledge apparently sufficient for daily living.


A few items of knowledge about a cell phone are sufficient to use it for communication.


As I look out over this huge lake, it appears fairly flat and the horizon appears higher than the point at which I sit, yet I accept this subconsciously as a reality of the shortcomings of my sensing nature.  


I know that in physical reality that the horizon is not higher than the beach and the lake’s surface follows the curvature of the earth and that railroad lines do not converge in the distance.


It would appear that politicians operate with similar bits of knowledge, yet claim to be all knowing on many subjects and often quoted on their knowledgeable fragments of what they claim to be the truth.


We are inclined to join and follow the views of some politicians and their parties based on only bits of knowledge. 


As far as truth goes, we might also ask “are we there yet?” 


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