The certainty of ignorance

The responses I get to my blabberings here have rarely been a topic for me to comment about.  But there are some constants that need to be revealed.  If you have opinions, and that is what a blog is, and those opinions are seen as liberal or progressive, then most of your mail will be sadistically criticized and threatened.  It seems that right-wingers are far more violent in their opinions than tree-huggers are.  And through the years I have regularly experienced some violent threats to my written words or to my radio and TV words.  But that's not the whole story about right-wing criticism.

A large portion of the right-wing criticism I receive is not only laced with hatred and violence, it can be characterized as using poor grammar and addressing things that are not in my blog or commentary.  An example would be in my latest blogs.  Without any accurate examples, I am labeled in support of Democrats, atheists, specific environmental organizations, labor unions, communism, ad infinitum.  Where these specific references come from is a mystery to me.  Right-wingers have been given specific marching orders by their masters and they repeat the same undemocratic and greed-inspired phrases over and over.  Yes, they are puppets without realizing it.  And through the haze of misspellings, horrible grammar, etc., they exhibit a dedication to their masters without even being aware of it.  That is what is most threatening to a democracy.

An element of fascism has been with us in the United States since greed-capitalism reared its ugly head.  There have been threats to overthrow democratically-elected Presidents [FDR] by corporate moguls [duPont], there have been budget riggings to give the most benefits to the wealthiest among us, there has been strong advocacy for specific religious ideas in what is supposed to be a religious-neutral United States, the father and grandfather of the two Presidents named Bush had smuggled petro through the Allied blockade to Nazi Germany, Henry Ford was personally given an award by Hitler, there has been corporate support to overthrow democratically-elected governments elsewhere [Nicaragua] using U.S. military, there have been U.S. land-grabs of foreign territory [taking Mexican land in the southwest], there have been horrible examples of child labor abuses in the U.S., and on and on and on.  Yet many Americans have been led to support such actions without a clue as to what was intended.  Ignorance can be very secure and outspoken in its certainty.

The United States of America will always be an unfinished nation as long as it remains democratic.  There will always be much room for improvement, amendments, adaptations, etc. as long as we give the public a true opportunity to express itself without undue influence by greed capitalism and greed-oligarchy.  The greediest among us do not want to wait to see their agenda played out, they want it NOW!  It is akin to the greedy farmer who says, "I'm not greedy, all I want is the land next to mine," and of course each acquisition extends "his" land.

As a student of American history, I have never been more fearful of the future of our democracy in the U.S .as I am today. The crude, goose-stepping responses to any progressive expression indicates there is no extent to which our greed-capitalism will not go to achieve its own ends.  One of the best ways to combat this threat to our democracy is with an informed citizenry.  However from where will informed citizens come?  Our colleges and universities are increasingly under-funded by conservative legislators and governors.  A wide and balanced education in the Liberal Arts is slowly becoming a thing of the past as we now put major emphasis on business, money acquisition, greed, and science/math as a road to riches.

I have no cute, easy fix to suggest.  Democracy in the U.S. appears to me to be in a death spiral. 

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