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Where are the liberals?

The recent sale of the Milwaukee Bucks has all the earmarks of what liberals believe to be wrong with America. First, they've been bought by hedge fund managers from Wall Street. Hedge fund managers are generally the most hated members of society. These new owners are greedy. They have earned fortunes of $1 billion each in their lifetimes. The only way they could've done that is by cheating every person that they have run into, according to liberal doctrine. They are from out of town. How could two guys from New York City, Wall Street even, they hailed his new heroes and saviors of the city? Why aren't they regarded as file capitalists? I can't figure it out.

The citizens of Milwaukee County are going to be asked to pony up tax money to build a new arena. This is for a team that has won only 15 games all season. They couldn't even win two in a row. And they had 15 chances to do that. Why can't these greedy capitalist owners pony up more money to build an arena? They seem to be of more means than the poor citizens of the city. Why are the liberals screaming regressive tax? I can't figure it out.

Why are people like Mayor Barrett making speeches saying that they owe a debt of gratitude to Herb Kohl. He got a half a billion bucks on the deal. Isn't that enough? Why doesn't the mere right a letter to the Bradley foundation asking them for an apology? They stuck us with a building that barely lasted 25 years. Why don't they shell out an endowment to make up for the embarrassment that they have caused the state? I can't figure it out.

The only reason that the liberals are all joining hands trying to convince us that this is a great deal is because it is an opportunity for them to raise taxes. They'll come out with the well worn rhetoric that is only a penny on every $10, yet they only feel entitled to pay the minimum. Liberals like the new owners and Herb Kohl are being hailed as experts on how to spend money. Of course, that includes spending your money by raising your taxes. How can the liberals think that this is a good idea when the same amount of money could be going to rebuild the roads, build schools, and educate the children. All perennial liberal rhetoric. All the tax money we are supposed to spend is geared towards putting people in the bleachers. And not teachers in the classrooms. Not students in their desks in a well-funded school system. Currently the liberals want the children to drop out and look for job security and selling T-shirts and peanuts at the ballgames. I can't figure it out.

As United States Senator, Herb Kohl failed to do anything that would revitalize this area and provide good paying jobs and a growing economy. He had 24 years to do that. Now he pockets a half billion dollars and were supposed to feel good about it. Sounds like greed to me. If anything, Herb Kohl owes the city. Sure, he thinks he worked out a deal to keep the team in town, but can you take these three owners at their word? What guarantee are they giving the taxpayer? If they can guarantee a championship in four years, the tax should be canceled. Does anybody have enough balls to make that part of the deal? I don't think so.

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