Our convaluted, hypocritical beliefs

There are lots of chests being pounded by the self-styled "righteous" political candidates in the U.S.  Lots of holy speeches.  Lots of religious egos paraded.  Lots of lies, deceit, and distortions. 

If you really enjoy parading as a religious crusader, please be honest enough to admit you distort things so they fit your greedy intentions.  For you "Christian" braggarts, have you read the Bible?  Do you truly know who Jesus was and witnessed for in His beliefs? 

Would Jesus promote guns?

Would Jesus advocate for wealth?

Would Jesus speak out against a race of people?

Would Jesus speak out against gay people?

Would Jesus call contraception a sin?

Would Jesus promote material possessions?

Would Jesus want his leaders and representatives robed in bling?

Would the man with sandals and simple robe advocate for expensive, adorned church buildings?

Would Jesus place budgetary help for the poor low on his advocacy scale?

What does the Good Samaritan story told by Jesus mean to each Christian and non-Christian?

Would Jesus have war and military on top of the budget?

Would Jesus make laity and ordination gender-specific?

Was Jesus a Roman?

Would Jesus see a corporation as a person?

What did Jesus mean about wealth and getting through the "eye of a needle"?

Would Jesus preach sermons for special-interest groups and individuals?

Who is more Jesus-like, Martin Luther King or the Koch Brothers?

Would Jesus support capital punishment?

Now don't just excitedly run to a single passage in your Bible and then build a wide scenario around it.  Think of the entire presentation in the Bible about Jesus of Nazareth.  Read His "Sermon of the Mount," His plea for understanding, His advice on forgiveness, His strong advocacy for Love, His support of the poor and underserved, His personal comments about Peace. 

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