A sharing of the deferred national wealth dividend.


A check of about $700 per week, about  $36,000 per year sent to every resident of the USA, 18-years and older would go a long way toward eliminating many of the disliked social programs and move us toward great economic and social equality.


The money would be the result of an undistributed accumulating dividend presently being distributed to those with most wealth.  Therefore, the funds would come from a gradation tax of those earning more than one million dollars per year.  Individuals would be left to their own personal choices as to how to spend this income.


Beyond eliminating various undesirable welfare programs, it would place every adult in an independent economic situation in pursuing his/her life and the pursuit of happiness.  The Swiss have recently considered such a proposal officially.


From and national economic standpoint, it would be a solid and constant spending base that would move us away from reoccurring recessions and probably eliminate economic depressions. 


The development and distribution of these funds would hardly affect the incomes of those being taxed, the recipients of the highest incomes.


The wealthiest would be encouraged to invest in well-required public programs.  The middle class could participate in market investments.


Those of lowest earning capacities and the most needy could now participate in the opportunities of our society and function as part of it.


A 45 or 50-year old couple with an 18-year child about to enter college, for example would now have over $100,000 a year in addition their normal income to drawn on.  That college student it would appear now would not require a college loan.  This would almost in itself solve the college enrollment and tuition situation. 


We would of course not have people wanting to live on this income alone but with difficulty.  On the other hand, people with low-income jobs would find that they could earn and live a somewhat decent living. 


The whole country would prosper.  The excessively rich might then also be encouraged to invest more of their incomes to further augment their wealth.  If there were any surplus in the tax received from derived national dividend program, it could be directed to reducing the national debt.


The cry would be that this would be a program of national income redistribution.  It is probably the only practical program for creating jobs, encouraging investment again and a gain for the American economy and without real social loss.     

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