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Meet the DOA Who Made It!

The DOA Who Made IT!

David Miles (author & casualty)

North Shore Library

Tuesday, April 22

7 P.M.


So... Is there life after death? Just ask the “DOA Who Made It!”

Dave was sitting at a busy large intersection. He was at the front of a red-light, waiting for green, when suddenly a 54 year old who was “dead drunk”, rear-ended him at almost 50 mph. He flew while convulsing three stories high, then crushed the roof of the car that just hit him and slid down the windshield and “sailed” almost a hundred feet across the busy intersection, where he laid on his front, literally “stone dead.” After repeated attempts to revive him they finally got his pulse to stay.

At the hospital they kept telling his young wife that he would NOT be alive, much longer. Though he did live, he laid in a coma for 2 weeks. Then, when he finally “came-too” he had a lot to say about “the other side” of this life.

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