Right-wing American fascism in 2014

Yes, it seems over the top to call the right-wing extremism in American politics today fascism.  Let me tell you something.  Read history very carefully.  The two fascist periods are not so different, and the U.S. capitalists are AGAIN playing a lead role in its development.

Did you know that Henry Ford personally received an award from Adolf Hitler for service to the Third Reich?  Did you know that the DuPonts tried to hatch a plot to overthrow FDR?  Did you know that American hero Charles Linburgh strongly supported Hitler and Mussolini?  Did you know that Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of the two Bush presidents, made a fortune getting petroleum through the American-English blockade to help Hitler's military kill American and British troops?  Did you know that Mussolini was a sort of rock-star among many right-wing Americans?  Did you know that Henry Ford's newspaper, the Dearborn Independent, continually supported Adolf Hitler?  Did you know that the Bush family business and personal fortunes were made supporting Middle East oil, illegally sneaking it through to Nazi Germany?  Did you know that American banks stayed open in Nazi European territory long after the Nazis were killing Americans?  Did you know that the Ford Motor Company built a large part of the Nazi German war machine?  Did you know that Prescott Bush sat on the board of directors of German corporations that supported the slaughter of Jews in Europe?  Did you know that during this time an American war hero, General Smedley Butler, twice awarded the Medal of Honor, and asked to join in the violent overthrow of the American government by large corporations, wrote a book titled "War is a Racket"?  Did you know that many American corporations made huge profits supporting Hitler?

We now torture our prisoners, keep them at Gitmo without ever charging them, spy on Americans with drones and phone listening, and on and on.  Yes, we look more and more like a fascist state.

That is only a small part of the story.  But today the right-wing in America has led the re-districting of Congressional territories to give Republicans unfair advantages in elections.  And the right-wing saw to it that Al Gore, legally elected President of the U.S., never took office because the right-wing Surpeme Court stole the election for George W. Bush.  Today corporate power and wealth in the U.S. has led the fight against organized labor, and bought elections, and saw to it that we now have an extemely wide gap between rich and poor.  And corporate and right-wing money can now be donated to buy elections with no limit on amounts.  And as we go farther and farther to the right, the more and more current America looks like a fascist state.  Every major move made by the corporately-sponsored right-wing is to deprive you of your voting rights.  The American Dream is over, and it is being replaced by an arrogant, scheming, wealthy right-wing that is not only fascist, it is a wealth-oriented oligarchy.

The less informed you are, the more of your democracy is being stolen.  Wake up!  I'm not suggesting you believe me, I am suggesting that you read history and make yourself an informed voter.

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