What else?


I’m designing 3 story-high stainless steel sculptures.  They must be as neutrally balanced as possible and of sufficient substance and strength to withstand the pressure placed on them by the wind.


The wind blowing over the lake in this direction this morning reminds me of real engineering aspects of air pressure and gravity.  The sculpturing of steel pieces of that height and weight must call for some sense of real physical characteristics. 


This morning the sky is overcast and the wind is blowing from the northeast.  From the sound of it, it seems a pretty steady and hefty wind. Temperature is probably in the lower thirties.  I wonder how one of my thirty-foot steel pieces would bear under the pressure.


Sinkholes, mudslides, wind storms, flooding and forest fires, some of the tragic occurrences on the planet.  Yet these thoughts of costly esthetic elements of the artist too are considered.


And too at an elegant luncheon held for wealthy donors to the University and for some not so wealthy invitees, the speaker talked of maps made over the centuries, many places known today not shown as places of human habitat on pervious maps, where today many people do not have the food to eat in one week that was elegantly presented on one plate. 


In my previous blog, thoughts of outer space and questions of what is truth were raised.  In this place of planned elegance distribution of food on the planet and wide gaps between amounts of incomes now came to my mind and the further reality of earth physics also came to reality as cut I into that tasty and generous piece of meat in front of me.



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