Knowledge, in the interest of humanity?


This morning, I had the opportunity of viewing a fantastic sunrise, a symphony orchestra playing only for me.  Now, you ask me these questions, the answers you say are “in the interest of humanity.” 


The sun is there not in my interest, nor in that of humanity but in its significance to the whole planet.  I believe that I know the planet as a reality and the sun as less so.  But what is humanity?  My answers will be included in your thesis and you will then become a doctor of philosophy, also in the interest of humanity?


Shouldn’t we then have some understanding of what humanity is?  People, mankind, human race and to add more confusion, humanity today is referred to as civilization, ever changing in its sophistication, evolving, advancing into a realm we refer to as progress?   How does that progress that humanity relate to that sun, that sunrise specifically for my mind to accept and consider?


My father and my mother and my grandfather and grandmother were part of this evolving humanity that will extend into the future with your recording of an interview of man who because he is in his tenth decade might be of some concern to and “in the interest of humanity.”


Just as that sunrise was not only for me, my life is not in the interest of humanity nor is your interview, your Ph.D. nor mine necessarily in the interest of mankind an all-inclusive term.  But it is in the urge of life to study and hopefully to determine who we are.


Your question, perhaps meant to shock, “do you believe in God” was a profound one but is one man’s belief evidence of reality?  Would the assertion of an old man give more certainty, truth or reality to a notion that might or may not be related to fact or to anything provable?  


The sun does not rise.  It no longer revolves around the earth as a special place.  Our planet now revolves around the sun and the moon revolves around the earth. 


In the interest of evolving truth, these are new realities that may or may not be “in the interest of humanity.” Truth lies in the ever changing individual mind combined with that of the ever “improving civilization.”


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