We helped create the Middle East mess

It seems so easy for Americans and Europeans to find Arab and Moslem actions as reprehensible.  We never seem to see our part in the mess that has been made of relations between our two cultures and our two religions.  Even American foreign policy is conducted by people who know nothing about the historical back-drop to the Middle East and how things evolved between Christians and Moslems.  America has stumbled badly in the Middle East.  Sometimes we act as though nobody in the state department or the White House ever took a history class.

The Moslem religion evolved and developed over the past 1500 years or so.  Let us take a quick review about where Christianity was in its first 1500 years.  Crusading European Christians marched into the Middle East and slaughtered the local Arab people.  In fact, one Christian leader, bragging about the triumph of his religion, said he gloriously stood in Arab blood up to his ankles.

As the Christian nations developed their ships and marauding armies, they brutally took over the peoples of the Middle East.  They created kingdoms, principalities, nations, etc. that had no relationship to the people living in those enclaves nor their history.  Divergent groups of people were thrown together in some convoluted set of boundaries, and the Europeans declared them to be rightfully in those geographic sectors.

Then the Christian European nations bled everything they could from the people in the Middle East.  Oil was taken from them without any compensation, lives were lost in the colonial period {mostly Arab lives}, and the rape of the Middle East contributed to the wealth of Europe.  No thought was ever given to the wishes and needs of the people themselves in the Middle East.

And in Europe itself, Christianity had created its own atrocious history.  Married Popes, two Popes at one time, major splinters from Rome to Constantinople to the Protestant north, and on and on and on.  And the Europeans were embarking on the rape of the native peoples of the Western Hemisphere.

All during this first 1500 years of Christianity, huge territories were gobbled up by greedy Christians, people were burned at the stake for non-Christian actions, millions were slaughtered and made homeless, local customs were ignored and/or punished, people were grouped together in ridiculous boundaries, and on and on.  The first 1500 years of Christianity were loaded with inhuman, inhumane, and atrocious actions.  And now the Christian West loves to observe Arab/Moslem actions as uncivilized.

An interesting historical note is that when Iran finally did come around to voting in a democratic leader in the early 1950s, it was the U.S. who clandestinely used the CIA to help overthrow this democratically elected leader [Mossadegh] and put a despot [the Shah] on the thrown as a puppet of the West.

Similarly, when the people of Nicaragua overthrew the tyrant Somoza and democratically elected a political leader, President Ronald Reagan supported the illegal Contras in their fight to overthrow the democracy there.  And Reagan used secret deals with Iran to get weapons to supply the illegal Contras.

Yes, the actions of the West have been atrocious.  And the U.S. has been in the middle of it all.  In fact, even during World War II, when Nazi Germany was killing French, British, Belgian, Dutch, Danes, Norwegians, Poles, Russians, Czechs, and Americans, a man named Prescott Bush was illegally getting petroleum into Nazi Germany.  And who was Prescott Bush?  Why he is the father of President H.W. Bush and grandfather of President George W. Bush.  And the Bush family still has close ties with the nation that was supplying this illegal petroleum: Saudi Arabia.  Disgusting.

So, the next time you get into your pulpit to criticize the actions of the Arabs and/or Moslems, please try to also remember the history of Christianity and the "pure" Europeans and "holy" Americans.

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