But not too much.


Pomposity is usually, if not almost always turned into humility, Mussolini, one example.  Putin beware.


Friendships are usually not increased merely through reduction in number of enemies.


You can fool some of the people some of the time but the shame is that you can also fool most of the people most of the time.


Some can do more with less, while others can do less even with more.


Doing things by example is often example enough.


Perfection requires its reoccurring or its constant and maintained achievement.


Sometimes only near-perfection is sufficient.


Quit a bit of what is less than perfection is usually more than enough or why are there some many of us imperfect?


We’d have more of the poor among except that so many find it easier to die young.


Humor is the best source of truth as laughter makes truth easier to cope with.


It is strange but it seemed always to rain on his parade even in times of drought.


Some have little to parade about even without rain.


Knowledge is not knowledge unless there’s someone there to concede to it, like the need to be in the forest to hear a falling tree.


“New knowledge” is always there awaiting discovery, better yet its announcement. 


It’s strange that most knowledge is not simply found.  It needs hard digging.


Knowledge best pays off when best applied.


There’s knowledge and there’s knowledge.


How do we know which knowledge is best?  Can it be judged or does the new disqualify the old?   



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