The entire situation is quite different today but Putin is behaving somewhat like Mussolini and much like Hitler, both of another time but NATO, a united European force is already established and present on the European continent, supported by the U.S.A.


Even Russia is too much involved in the global trade situation that has develop to the present day to invite war outside of what it considers to be its own historical and traditional realm.  But even so its soldiers entered Crimea as masked bandits, everyone knowing that they were Russian military.  What a sinister comedy.


What about Alaska?  Does Putin want that back?  Does he plan to send the masked bandits in or will he offer billions of dollars for it?


Imagine, if Putin were president of the United States and Obama president of Russia, what would then be Putin’s response if then Russia wanted Alaska for all the traditional reasons justifying his present claim on Crimea?


But Putin is president of Russia and does his logic, if carried out, demand that he take back Alaska?  And can the French also demand all of what was the Louisiana Purchase?


Evidence of Russian settlements in Alaska and along the west coast of Canada is shown on a map (1754) in a history book by Thomas A. Bailey, Stanford University 1947. 


Therefore in view of the potential claims Russia may make of U.S.A., America is justified in protection of its present territory by beginning to fortify itself in the Ukraine with it’s permission and along the Russian border.  Logic is logic, especially when justifying taking over your neighbor’s territory. 


The world knows what Putin is doing and he should be clearly made aware that we all know that he is a weasel and that his end may be similar to a weasel that Russians fought about a generation or two ago. 


It should be made clear that Czar of Russia once made claims on North American territory, an area once called Russian America and Oregon extending into land also claimed both by Canada and the U.S.  We have never made claims on Russian territory although we agreed to the purchase of Alaska for $7.2 million.      

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