Right-wing destroying Wisconsin's proud history

As you reflect back on Wisconsin's rich political history, and remember names such as LaFollette, Dan Hoan, Frank Zeidler, Gaylord Nelson, Bill Proxmire,  Russ Feingold, etc., we are now in the middle of the total destruction of their contributions to equality, fairness, openness, morality, ethics, and the overall responsibility we each have for others.  Look what is happening today in state politics...

We have a Governor who was recorded talking on the phone with someone posing as one of the Koch Brothers.  Scott Walker sounded like an obedient little puppet willing to do whatever is necessary to carry out the objectives of the rich and selfish in America.

Our current Governor, when serving as Milwaukee County Executive had an administration so filled with sleaze and dishonesty that a John Doe investigation had to be called.  The John Doe revealed an office so full of illegalities, political intrigue, lies, deceptions, etc. that several of the staff were sent to prison.  And though the wealthiest right-wing groups in the U.S. have funded the attempts to stop the revelation of the Doe proceedings, we have been given enough leaks to show the lowest form of politics imagineable.  With each little revelation the dirt and sulliness of our political environment amazes.

The attempted recall of Governor Scott Walker was thwarted by an avalanche of money sent into Wisconsin from around the U.S.  The expenditures were astronomical for a state the size of ours.

The second John Doe has revealed the ongoing sleaze of illegality of Scott Walker's office, whether as Governor or County Executive.  And we are not permitted to see the full extent of the demeaning because, once again, right-wing money has poured into Wisconsin to use every possible method to keep things quiet and away from voter realization.  What is there to hide?  Hasn't enough dirty grit and grime from Scott Walker been shown?  Could it even be worse if we were given all the information?  Amazing.

There is so much more related to Scott Walker and his dirty politics and illegalities that one blog entry cannot possibly outline it.

We have another darling of the right-wing in Wisconsin politics, Paul Ryan.  A vice-presidential candidate in the last election, he is now being considered to run for President in the next election.  His lies have not only added up, they have multiplied.

Ryan loves to try and show himself as a man who understands what it means to be poor.  After all, he tells us, he now lives in a modest home in the same neighborhood where he grew up.  Hmmm.  The house Ryan lives in was once owned by the wealthy family that owned the large Parker Pen Co. in Janesville.  One could call it a mansion, but you decide for yourself.  In any case, it ain't what we have been led to believe by ongoing lies and deceptions of Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan, the guy who is sensitive to the poor, now wants to stop the school lunch program.  And he says that people in the inner city [and he isn't talking about white men here] are so lazy and dependent on hand-outs from the government that they do not want to work now and have stopped looking.  He says they "prefer" to remain on the government dole. 

We also have a right-wing guy in the U.S. Senate.  Not Joseph McCarthy, but close.  Ron Johnson likes to lambast government programs and wants to keep the government from helping people in need.  He was not so inclined when his business took money from government programs to make him rich.  The more Johnson talks, the more of an embarrassment he is for Wisconsin.

That is just a sketch of how the dirt-dripping right-wing has used Wisconsin politics to help the rich and destroy our heritage of clean and equality politics.  Progressives and liberals thought it was good to have as many people vote in a democracy as possible.  The current right-wing and Republican Party want to limit the time and access to voting.  Their ideas of reducing voting hours are designed to keep liberals and Democrats from voting.  The current right-wing is manipulating us out of democracy and into an oligarchy of the rich.  And too many of us don't have a clue about it and are becoming aides to democratic destruction.

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