Keep Pushing for Higher Taxes

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Perhaps you're like Mary Burke, or Tom Barrett, or Chris Abele, or Theodore Lipscomb, or any other locally elected alderman, trustee, supervisor, or assessor, and every day you're walking around with a pocket full of money that you just can't seem to figure out how to spend. You have blocked all the things you need, a couple of things you want, and several items that greedy advertisers have duped you into buying. And you still have money left.

But with this extra chump change that you just can't seem to get rid of, you don't want to give it to charity, but you just wish you could somehow filter it up to the government. However, if you think like a Democrat, you only want to pay the minimum in taxes. You want others to pay more, but not you-you believe you're one of the few that are already paying your fair share.

That's the kind of mindset that is being pushed on to Milwaukee County residents as the push is being renewed for a new arena tax in order to replace the BMO Harris Center. Leaders of the city and county government are spending tax money to receive reports I conclude that taxes are too low. If we had a higher sales tax, he could build a new arena. If they tax cigarettes more, we could build a new arena. If property taxes were just a little higher, we could have a new arena.

It's just not for basketball anymore. Now they're trying to convince the low information taxpayer that an arena would not only produce a better basketball team, it could bring in famous music acts. They could bring in better art displays. It would enrich everybody except the people would be paying the tax. Golly, if all works well, the tax could even be borne by citizens of other counties. Maybe even the out-of-state people. Yes, we like to stick it to the out-of-state people. And if enough out-of-state people don't pay this tax, we can push the incidents onto our local citizens here. Pay up and pay some more.

It seems no one is willing to explain why an arena for playing basketball should not be up to the team owner. If the team is worth several hundred million, the owners would certainly have enough money to pony up for an arena. But because Herb Kohl, the current owner is a Democrat, he won't even be brought into the argument. A new arena automatically produce a better basketball team. Maybe then they could have a two-game winning streak. But, let's give them a break. We've only had 13 opportunities all season long to win two games in a row. So why isn't the arena being filled? And what about Jane and Lloyd Pettit? I'm surprised noble citizens have not written a letter to Jane and Lloyd, their heirs and successors, telling them that they should be ashamed of themselves for building an arena that barely lasted 25 years. Plus, it was built to include hockey and not just basketball.

One thing we know for sure. The tax-and-spend liberals are going to keep pushing for higher taxes of some sort. Whether it's higher sales tax as compared to Oklahoma City, or higher property taxes when compared to Biloxi Mississippi. But when you add the property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, user fees, etc., the comparison is closer to New Jersey. In another comparison that is missing is the comparison of how much money we are spending on professional athletes and not putting more teachers in the schools. And where is the debate about incoming equality when it comes to bringing a new tax on the citizens of Milwaukee County versus the likes of Herb Kohl? It's not going to be in those reports that will be delivered to the Wisconsin Center.

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