Wondering and wandering...

With all the tremendous, positive press that Pope Francis is getting, wouldn't it be nice if he could arrange to have an ecumenical, initial meeting with leaders of other Christian denominations...Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican/Episcopal, Coptic, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc.?  It might only be for general discussions and not begin with differences, but explore possible ways they could cooperate for a better world.  We need only to look to the ecumenical dimensions Jesus explored regarding Samaratins, etc.

Am I the only person who thinks Daylight Saving Time is backwards?  Don't take an hour away from me in the morning and add it to the evening.  I want it in the morning.  I want to wake up to a bright day, to eat breakfast in daylight, to start work or school with a bright outlook not darkness.  It is backwards.

With little knowledge of what is contained in Obamacare, and with little desire to help more people with health care, and with little awareness of how Republican President Theodore Roosevelt tried to get health care reform followed by many Presidents and members of Congress who also tried, and seeing health care reform only as a campaign issue, the right-wing in America once again shows its lack of humane considerations.  Health care and health care reform are more than campaign issues.  People are not covered and not served well by health care in the U.S.  And the right-wing wants to keep it that way, being puppets for health care corporations.  Sad.  So many people cannot get medicine or health care in the U.S.  People are hurting!

Those who desire to fight against the evidence concerning climate change are literally sacrificing their children and grandchildren.  Climate change is real.  Over 95% of scientists engaged in study related to climate are in agreement about the developing change.  The ignorance of the people speaking out against the fact that the climate is changing, have shown their ignorance clearly when they point to the severe winter we are experience in the U.S.  They can only find proof via the study of their belly button.  The rest of the world is having record heat.  The Earth continues to warm.  And WEATHER shifts are proof of the change in climate, proof of the warming of the planet.  Patterns of weather are locally related, not globally related.  We are committing a sort of suicide by denying the obvious and the scientifically proven.

Why aren't there more politicians running for a national office with a platform that they aim to improve relations between political parties, between right and left, between conservative and progressive?  What we need in Washington are office-holders who have a desire to promote cooperation, compromise, altruism, and real service for peoples' needs.  We know what right-wingers and left-wingers believe, now let's find a way to bring about cooperation.  Politics should reflect, among many things, compromise  Compromise and cooperation are not dirty worlds.

Yes, I must confess, I have been bitten by the new "mascot" of the Milwaukee Brewers, Hank.  Hank, the adorable pooch, has brought a warmth to baseball coverage.  I may just buy a ticket to a Brewers game for one reason: to see Hank.

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