Obamacare and Hedontcare

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We've had Obama care for almost 3 months now. Has it turned the United States into the government run utopia that were promised? Not by a long shot.

If we can get some honest numbers out of the government, we will find that things are not adding up. There were more cancellations than expected, fewer sign-ups than expected, and more people seeking free things with fewer people paying. By March 31, they will not be 7 million people signed up.

One of the main problems with this law is that it's based less on providing health care and more about redistributing income. The United States government decided to upset the entire system with hopes of getting coverage for 47 million people. Of those 47 million uninsured people, 30 million of them will remain uninsured in 10 years by the government's own estimates. Yet they want to call it a success.

Whenever there was an attempt to repeal this law, the Democrats in the administration stood up and pumped up their chests and said it cannot be changed, it's the law of the land. But if it's along the land, why can the administration keep carving out pieces of it and choose not to enforce it or delay its implementation? If it is such a great law, we need to go 100% all in. Even the Democrats know that when it comes to sink or swim, this law is a sinker. And we know why there are the delays-the administration is not trying to help the American public, they are protecting vulnerable Democrats.

There may have been a few good points on why to implement this law, and there may be several parts of it in which the majority of Americans agree are good. But buried  in this huge overhaul are hidden taxes that are going to be borne by the middle class. These are the people that the law was supposed to help. With $1 trillion of expected outlays, how can this bill expected not produce a huge deficit? The answer is all the hidden taxes.

In the long run, and in the short run too, this law is go to stagnate economy further. And this is at a time when we can least afford it. For many Americans, the recession that started in 2008 has not ended. If we keep electing Democrats that are going to continue their tax-and-spend ways as outlined in this healthcare law, America's days of prosperity's will be fewer. It's sometimes hard to believe that there is not 70 to 90% of Americans that are screaming for repeal of this healthcare law.

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