U.S. Progress: greed, me-first, mine-mine-mine

The happiest people in the world, in all recent polling, are either the Danes or the Finns.  And the Swedes and Norwegians are usually ranked up there near the top.  Why?  What could be the reason these Scandinavians are always ranked happier than the people from the far richer USA?  What is different in Scandinavia that could make them so much happier than Americans?  It sure isn't the weather.  Hmmm.

If the reason isn't obvious to you, the rich and powerful in the U.S. have been successful in brainwashing you.  Well, you can come up with all sorts and kinds of contrived answers but in your heart of hearts you know those contrivances are not true, and do not hold water.

Each of the nations in Scandinavia have social democracies.  No, not socialism.  Social democracies.  They have seen both the right-wing capitalists [U.S.] and the left-wing socialists [USSR], and have taken pieces of both cultures, both economic philosophies, and combined them in the hope that the new combination will best serve their people.  Wow, were they right.  Yikes, were they successful.

Not only are the Scandinavians far happier as a group than Americans, they are far healthier.  Their various forms of socialized medicine have been far more successful than the American form in producing and raising healthier people ...and at far less the cost.  Unlike in Scandinavia, in the U.S.  the greedy corporations that produce drugs, the selfish corporations that run the health care systems, are  allowed to gouge sick people of their money.  And a diagnosis in Scandinavia is usually based on science and not money.  And if you doubt any of this, have you ever checked the price of the same drug in Scandinavia and then in the U.S.?  The very same drugs are far cheaper in Europe, even those produced by American drug companies.

What is so sickening is that the U.S. is far-far richer, has far more resources than in Scandinavia.  The potential for happiness and better health should exist in the U.S.  Here is where happiness and health should reside. 

However a growing percentage of Americans now live in underserved conditions, far less happy, and certainly far less healthy.  The so-called "American dream" has vanished.  Where is all the health, happiness, and money going?  Have you checked how wealth in America is distributed?  Have you noticed how the rich in America are never satisfied with their huge share of the wealth and want more, more, more.   If you try to fight for getting the richest Americans to pay a fair share, they will shout "class warfare!"  You may want to tell them to read their Bible, as Jesus certainly preached class warfare.

As the greedy rich man said, "I'm not selfish, all I want is the land next to mine."  And as the rich man and woman grow his/her wealth, the land next to theirs continues to be gobbled up.  When is enough enough?

Most importantly: when will Americans wake up?

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