Doesn’t every human being in the country require appropriate healthcare?



I don’t believe that I should have had my tonsils, adenoids and appendix taken out merely because I reached a certain age or become of an inadequate diagnosis. 


I didn’t have an irregular heartbeat as was diagnosed when I was in the Air Force either.  Nobody’s perfect, not even the Air Force.


Socialized medicine couldn't cure my bad cold when I lived in England either. 


Medicare isn’t so bad.  Most people like it, but it’s not perfect?  Neither is Affordable Health Care, “Obamcare”.  But we aren’t there yet. 


What about education, is it perfect?  Not yet?   Is anything else perfect?   I’m thinking of Congress and the debt ceilings and election lines and income taxes, processes we’ve been working on for some time.   


Are we there yet?  





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