Could Scott Walker be that dumb?

Looking over the John Doe investigation materials just released, the probe into the staff of Scott Walker gives us some interesting alternatives in judging them.  Was Walker so dense, so stupid that he did not know what was going on close to him while Milwaukee County Executive?  Or was he so smarmy, so scheming that he took careful, sleazy precautions not to attach himself to all the felonies being committed by top members of his staff?  Though dirty, smeared politics are involved in the Walker office, it would take either an idiot or a sullied plotter to keep from being directly attached to secret files and other illegal activities swirling around him in his Milwaukee office.

Being stupid is not a disqualification for being a top politician.  Being dense can be overlooked by people with money and influence if they can follow orders.  If someone writes a script for them and they follow that script, then intellect is not necessary.  A sterling case in point would be Ronald Reagan, hardly an intellectual heavyweight.  But Ronnie, the consummate actor, could carry out a script perfectly ...and he did.

Other intellectual lightweights who were elected or selected as President of the United States: Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Gerald Ford, and George W. Bush.  And Reagan, the intellectual lightweight, seems destined to continue to fool the people and is lauded as a great President by many.  Each of these men carried out the plan carefully devised by rich and powerful, behind-the-scenes manipulators.  Scott Walker, with very limited education credentials, fits this pattern carefully.  And he is developing quite a file of felonies surrounding him by key staff members.  One can only speculate what will be further revealed in the ongoing, second John Doe.  But the fact that Walker and his powerful, sometimes very secretive, supporters certainly are working extremely hard and spending huge sums of money to restrict this current John Doe investigation gives some hints.

Citizens in Wisconsin and the U.S. are lazy when it comes to learning the truth, studying the facts.  As a result, we kind of get what we deserve.  But deserving the likes of Scott Walker is sort of a bridge too far.  I'm getting awfully sick and tired of rewarding political puppets who carry out right-wing agendas like an automated robot. 

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