My America.


This is a country where a child at birth, “born equal” should have the finest and latest of health care services available to it, as should its mother.  Both mother and child having access to modern shelter and the most nourishing foods and healthful water are now in excellent position for life.  They should easily acquire appropriate clothing as to season.


As soon as the child is ready for training and education appropriate to its capabilities and inclinations these services and facilities are to be made available.  It is assumed that the child will be in the appropriate care of its parent or parents or suitable situation until at least the age of 18.


At 18, the child should have available to it a monthly sum that would make it possible for it to live at a minimal standard for its whole life.   Now at this point, the child “born equal” must on its own begin to live a life depending more on its circumstance than on its “equality.”


These national goals would also make higher education of any type available as a free public service so that now the individual is independent and there is no reason for not attaining the best of education to satisfy its needs and abilities to best ready it for its contribution to our society.


Furthermore, now individuals can set out on there own, making whatever they want of their circumstances.  They can even work toward modifying their circumstances as well as taking advantage of whatever opportunities they are presented. 


“Born equal,” at this point diminishes as an extension into one’s self.  Now individuals are in situation where they need to create their own opportunities and develop their own lives.  What more can we expect of our nation? 


With no more poverty and with the opportunity to shape our own lives, it would of course become a wonderful “America the Beautiful,” especially if all of us could improve our share of our collective efforts and benefits as a nation.  And perhaps this too, must be added to the process of our making America more beautiful. 



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