It may not be known truth nor is it generally exclaimed that the excessively wealthy throughout history become the ruling class ruling over the rest “like wolves over sheep.” 


Therefore in democracies individuals and groups are permitted to gather wealth to themselves as long as it is not through seriousl deprivation processes and as long as the wealth itself does not become the grounds for ruling. 


What has been described as capitalism by those who opposed it was not necessary nor was it known under any name, not even existing as a system resembling anything like today when Jefferson and Madison were busy creating the basis for this new nation.


Today, however and never meant to be by its founders, money plays a significant role in the selection of members of government and money is employed in directing the manner that government functions and placing its weight on how and which laws are passed, even in which laws should play special prominence and which are to be executed or emphasized. 


Therefore the growing disparity in the income or wealth of the rich, especially the excessively rich and that of the middle class, not to mention the poor becomes an important element when considering the dysfunctional processes in the best interest of our economy but also in viewing malignant aspects of an appropriately functioning republic.


We need to deal both from an economic basis and from a governmental functioning basis with whatever malignancy is invading what we describe as our national system.  The issue of being “born equal” once significant in the American Revolution, today does even come up within hearing distance of those now well acquainted with the notion that money rules.  



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