My America, the beautiful. 


In the early morning when my mind is clearest, just before the sky turns colorful as the sun rises, I develop harmoniously beautiful thoughts.  This morning I thought that what we have known as the Republican Party returned from a retreat with the intention to rename itself The Party of Lincoln, (the POL).


The leaders of the party talked about reviving the sentiment of Lincoln and work toward making our government a government “of, by and for the people,” the peoples' party.   Some members even declaring that they would refuse to entertain lobbyists or accept funds from moneyed interests and spend time regularly with the people of their districts to know intimately what the people expected of their government.   


Of course, if the Party were to follow through with this innovative approach to politics, it would put the Democratic Party to shame.  What would it now mean to be a democrat?  The Democrats would also have to give up the lobbyist and refuse money from those using their money to favor the moneyed classes.


Both parties are made up of rich and poor.  The rich in both parties can fend for themselves.  Each party would now have to define their view of what they want “America” to be, let’s see, the land of freedom and opportunity.  Now each party would have to give new meaning to theses terms in light “of, by and for the people.”


We would need, it would seem, to pay less attention to business economics and what’s good for business and more attention to human economics and what is good for the people.  Corporations would not deserve the attention that living people do.  A living person requires food and a place to live.  Even in indirect reference corporations do not. 


Freedom and opportunity require healthy people with sufficient food and appropriate shelter; people with developed and innovate minds.  “Of the people, by the people and for the people” means that the people’s government needs to pay attention to these needs, the needs of people who really are presented with the freedom that brings them opportunity.


Today, I experienced a beautiful sunrise that disappeared as it rose.  I also experienced beautiful thoughts.  But both will remain beautiful in my mind.   They will not disappear.  They will remain in my thoughts of “America the Beautiful.”  



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