Enough Vatican-Archdiocese failure to face the kids honestly

One can assume that sexual and other abuse of children has been taking place in the Roman Catholic Church for hundreds of years.  All the time it has shown the amazing ability of the Roman Church to cover it all up.  Part of their ability to do so hinges on their insistence that their followers devoutly adhere to rules that would put any colonial power to shame.  Today somewhat more enlightened Catholics do not permit that adherence to these almost prehistoric, colonial rules.  But when it comes to covering itself from blame or legal charges, it closes ranks and exhibits its hedonistic secrecy and power.  But even this is now slipping somewhat, even as the Roman Church holds on desperately to its age-old power.

The Milwaukee Archdiocese has held onto this colonial left-over more than many geographic areas of the Roman Church.  This is partly due to the large-scale immigration that took place to Milwaukee in the 19th and 20th centuries from strongly Roman Catholic nations.  Settling in a new country, far from home, the immigrants and their families found a sort of cultural oasis in the Church.  Ironically, the Roman Church became a sort of cultural safety zone for the peoples in this strange, new land.  The Roman Church flourished.  One only has to look at the horizon as one crosses the High Rise Bridge leaving downtown Milwaukee to see a skyline of Catholic steeples.  The immigrants felt the Church was protecting them from a nation that was moving too fast away from what they knew in "the old country."

Through a series of upheavals, the Roman Church has been forced to make changes.  Oh, it still held fast to the gold and glitter of a monolith that was supposed to be representing the sandaled son of a carpenter, but showed mostly bling.  But the first non-Italian Pope in centuries was tied to the political upheavals of Catholic Poland against the mighty Soviet Union.  This Polish Pope was seen as a hero and thus a new representation of a church in transition.  Many of the centuries-old "beliefs" were changing.  Not least of which were ridiculous things such as not eating any meat on Friday, or instructions to stay away from hell-going Protestants.  Fears of doing those things had been drilled into Catholic children by nuns and priests who had sworn not to ever-ever marry.  Out of this mess a huge worldwide criminal activity was about to be revealed.  Pedophilia entered the common lexicon.  And when it was often tied to the Roman Church, a quiet gasp went through the world from the Vatican to the ethnic parish in Milwaukee.  Dare we believe our holy institution was contaminated in this way?

All sorts of abuse of children surfaced that was related to the Catholic Church.  In some nations {e.g. Ireland} it was the horrid abuse of kids in Catholic institutions.  In America it was more focused on sexual abuse of children by priests.  The tremors became earthquakes.  The Roman Church held on for dear life.  Its very existence was in peril.  But its immense financial holdings have thus far allowed it to weather the storm.  But we are left with an army of abused children.  And these former kids are fighting to be heard and want to punish the culprits- in- vestments.   But the Roman behemoth is using every bit of power and financial clout at its disposal to minimize the cost.

Where does the Milwaukee Archdiocese stand amidst all this human tragedy?  Its recent offer for settlement is the lowest of any archdiocese in the U.S.  And the language it uses to explain and defend its relative pittance is classic Roman jibberish.  Shame on the Milwaukee Archdiocese and its current Archbishop.

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