Go forward with John Doe!!!

Once again the right-wing groups, financed by huge sums of money, want to stop a legal investigation of underhanded and strong-arm dealings in our democratic system.  It isn't as though a John Doe investigation is somehow strong-arming the democratic process.  Quite the opposite.  The John Doe is investigating to see if strong-arm or expensive tactics were used to circumvent the democratic process by Scott Walker insiders.

Governor Scott Walker's political career has been marked by an amazing path of illegalities by his staff members.  It was a John Doe investigation, for example, that found a Walker staff person stealing money from a military veteran's fund.  How low can you go?  There were so many of Walker's staff convicted of breaking the law that one has to wonder how he could have chosen such a bunch of criminals.  Or were they in part led to breaking the law?  Either way, Walker's staffs have been dismal.

What is being done to stop the second John Doe investigation into right-wing and Walker actions is nothing short of money-laden, powerful groups trying to sidestep a natural democratic procedure.  Let the John Doe investigation go forth!  Let the Average Jane and Joe know what political skull-duggery is going on.

No matter how rich, and no matter how powerful, all groups should be made to follow the law and practice democratic principles in the process of their dealings.

Let the John Doe investigation go forth!  Wisconsin citizens have a right to know.

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