Motion, location and light years form the moment.


To know what reality is for the moment we must understand that all of us presently on the earth can never know more than what is within this described moment that started with one singular action, one singular force that Hawkins believes gave movement to everything, the Big Bang.


We can never follow all of motion that preceded us even in terms of one light year, let alone millions of light years before us.  What we view within our moment is history and only splinters of it and not in appropriate sequence if the term sequence is appropriate. 


Certain patterns of motion developed and continue to evolve and are observable in their short distances.  The outer edges of the earliest of the Big Bang are the furthest edges of space occupied by the debris of the Initial Bang.  Those outer edges if observable are ancient history.  And if anything came before that, so what?


They are of no value to us in understanding our reachable reality, only background information.  The outer edge of our reality is a short distance that will never be reached but in view and imagination only and yet as its distance spreads in movement. 


The imaged Big Bang as it is called only satisfies our mind’s need for beginnings.  We cannot imagine the distant edges as endings as they were the beginnings.  Perhaps we can find the ending in the Big Bang itself, where it already has or will cease to release further energy and stuff.  It would be interesting to also search for the location of its original and specific occurrence as well as its mere spread.   


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