Is there an honest hopeful for Prez?

It has been wonderful to watch the Obama family conduct itself during President Obama's terms in the White House.  Under great pressure, with bigots and extreme right-wingers waiting for him to make some big personal, moral, or ethical miscue, President Obama and his family have shown us a wonderful American family.  It is especially heart-warming because of all the added pressure and scrutiny added to this First Family because it is the first African-American family in the White House.

Now we come to the next group of people vying to become President of the United States.  Hillary Clinton has a huge lead among the Democratic hopefuls.  The picture with the Republican Party is far-far different.  Who will it be?   Just as one candidate takes the pre-election lead something happens to hurt or slow-down the candidacy and the pursuit.  Governor Christie is but the latest stumbler.

Whether Christie knew about the lane closures or not, his leadership has to be judged with the people he chose to fill key positions in his administration.  Indeed, perhaps the leading person in his administration is now under legal review on the lane closures.  And Christie is lambasting his leading, trusted adviser because of evidence the staff person says he has that the Governor knew about the bridge lane closings in an attempt to hurt a Democratic mayor of Fort Lee.  How could Christie choose such a man?  Or, how could Christie allow those lane closures?  Either way, he is suspect as a leader.

Other leading GOP wannabes have stumbled with personal or legal mistakes.  And in our own State of Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker has had some of his leading advisers and staff found guilty of breaking the law when he served as Milwaukee County Executive.  How could Walker choose such people?  And now another John Doe investigation is going on related to Walker and his role as Governor.  Walker and his handlers have been doing everything possible to stop the John Doe proceedings or at least greatly limit them.  What does all this say about a man who has been considered a possible presidential candidate?  What does it say about Walker's decisions and honesty in running the State of Wisconsin?

Looking forward to the next presidential election, Hillary has a clear lead in the Democratic selection process.  But the GOP would love to find some dirt about her.  Thus far the right-wingers have been inflating the Benghazi incident, though it is not holding much water and that load is dripping.  In the Republican race for the nomination, it is an open field.  Jeb Bush?  Who knows?  The GOP is splintered and there are strong pulls from the extreme right-wing to stop the more moderate Republicans from making the final choice.

All we know at this point is that reality and history have shown us that six months can be close to an eternity in politics.  Anything and everything can happen.  It will be interesting to see whose shoe is the next to fall.  It is also interesting to hear all the moral and religious statements made by political candidates BEFORE they are found lacking in their own morals and ethics.

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