Media must follow-through

While American media has been honored through the years for its journalistic excellence, it has also been timid when it came to certain aspects of our social and economic culture.  As far back as the way Henry Ford supported Adolf Hitler and got an award from Hitler for his Nazi/fascist support, the gaps in credibility here have been alarming at times.  While American media seems to have simply overlooked duPont's attempts to build a revolution to overthrow Franklin D. Roosevelt, there are things that are happening in the U.S. today that seem to be ignored in an ongoing vacuum.  Here are a few that get little or no attention...

Leading figures in America made some outrageous claims against Barack Obama that seem to have simply been ignored.  Some famous Americans and some famous American organizations claimed Obama was not born in the United States.  There also were quotable statements by individuals and groups that Obama was a Moslem.  Why didn't American media call these people to account for their lies and blatant deceptions?

On the eve of Obamacare's introduction, individuals and groups made reference to this health care's program that had "death panels" that would make decisions that would either allow or help your loved one to die.  How could American media simply allow these groups and individuals to make these lies and then let them off the hook?  I surely want to know when leaders make such lying accusations, and I want them clearly unveiled.

Where was George W. Bush when he just disappeared for a year while on military reserve duty?  This story simply died away.  Some of us want to know where he was.

The billion-dollar Iraq War business deals that were awarded to Halliburton without any contract negotiations seem to have simply disappeared into the ether.  The fact that Vice President Dick Cheney had been CEO of Halliburton before the Bush-Cheney decision to invade Iraq is treated by American media as though that was some sort of miraculous happenstance.

There are members serving in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate who seem to focus their votes on helping those corporations and businesses that either bring profits to these politicians' investments or to these politicians' financial supporters.  Don't you think this would make for a very interesting, informative, and enlightening story for the media?

Why did George W. Bush and his administration simply ignore the cautionary warnings by a federal government agent in the Twin Cities that there were Moslem extremists taking lessons on how to get a large airliner into flight but not necessarily interested in landing the planes?  Shortly afterwards we had the events in NYC and D.C. on 9-11.  Has this story just been allowed to die?

Remember Governor Scott Walker's comments when he thought he was talking to one of the Koch brothers on the phone?  It was astonishing how it revealed the "sell-out" nature of Walker.  It has just been allowed to die.

Well, I hope you get the idea.  American media seems eager to pick up on stories with good TV pictures, but not interested in things that threaten our very democracy.  If it glows, it shows.  Fire good, political underhandedness kind of boring?  Shame on American media for falling asleep at the switch.  Oh, how we need to be served by American media, not allow it to serve big advertising corporations.  News reporting seems to be limited to what private media can get out of it for itself.  Journalistic principles have vanished.

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