Wish list for 2014

Oh, that we could find some politicians who are NOT beholden to some monied interest group.

Can we get over calling progressives words like "socialist," and right-wingers "fascists"?

For the most part the people in Congress have no idea what it is to be really poor and disadvantaged.  They are far too often white men who have no idea what it is to overcome racial bigotry.  They have no idea what it means to wonder where your next meal is coming from.  Yet these same people, who have been given so much, like to tell us how hard they had it when young.  Like Paul Ryan saying he lives humbly and his family lives in a house in the same area where he grew up ...but doesn't say that his house was a mansion once owned by the Parker family of Parker Pen Corp.  It is disgusting how insensitive most members of Congress are, and how much they lecture us on "pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps," meanwhile taking favor after favor from their job and the people who provide them with a relatively lush standard of living.

Religion plays too large of a role in political decision-buying ...oops, I mean decision-making.  Much of political posturing is really to obtain the special favors a group wants, and "religion" really becomes "politics."

Think for a moment how much time, effort, pandering, and money are spent creating a certain image and special-interest persona in American political office-holding.  What a waste.  The people's business is only seemingly available to those "people" with money and influence.

The political system in America needs a total overhaul.  The current system is one built on comfort, image, favors, and all political activities are for sale.

This is a good time for each of us to commit ourselves to working to overcome the monied jungle we have allowed to be made of our former democracy.  Enough well-intentioned words, it is time for well-intentioned action.  "Throw the bums out" is but a beginning.  Let's do it!

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