Buying politicians has become brazen

At least we have to give the right-wingers credit for something.  Instead of hiding their influence-buying and influence-peddling, they have come right out into the open to do it.  A generous donor to the Wisconsin Republican Party feels the state legislators owe him some favors.  And so he has asked a Republican to introduce a bill in the state legislature that will result in reducing the amount of money he has to pay in alimony support.  How's that for feeling safe with openly buying votes and openly asking for favors?  Amazing.

These are the same conservatives and right-wingers who want every favor for themselves they can buy, and then do everything in their power to deny help for people in need or those underserved.  Where does all this fit into the definition of morality?  ethics?  honesty?  democracy?

American politics is quickly descending into the muck and mire of a philosophy that announces and broadcasts that money makes right, influence can be bought and sold, and holding a political office means you can decide who you want to offer favors to.  If you are poor or needy then YOU must have done something wrong, and therefore the government does not have to offer you any help ...after all that sort of welfare and charity takes tax money away from the rich.  And we are all supposed to acknowledge the "trickle-down" effect of allowing the rich to keep as much for themselves as they can get because riches trickle-down to the poor.  If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you and some submerged land in Florida for you to buy from me.

With the more and more brazen activities of those who purchase influence, the future looks bleak for the vast majority of Americans.  Already the gap between rich and poor has widened immensely in recent years.  And the middle class is under a constant threat in the economics and politics in the U.S. today.

The only avenue open to the average American is to change the course of political influence-buying and influence-peddling here.  And that means making some drastic changes that will reduce the greed of the right-wing in America by voting out of office those who sell their office.  In reality, in your stead, you are being sold as a slave by today's right-wing goose-steppers.

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