The New Normal

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By now, I'm sure you've probably given up on the New Year's resolution. But, that's all right. It was just too tough. That's how things are going to be in America now. If it involves too much work in order to achieve your dreams, they probably weren't meant to be. But that's okay, it's not your fault.

American exceptionalism is now a thing of the past. And according to the leadership in Congress and the presidential administration, that's how it should be. We now have to direct our efforts into transforming this country into one that is more fair, more just, and more moral. Achieving success involves too much selfishness. Yet losing can be shared by all. What's the lesson? Were all in this together.

The policies of this administration are criticized, George Bush still gets the blame. That's kind of incredible, because he's been out of office for five years now. And now that income many quality is the new euphemism for class warfare, when the rich are chastised, president Obama can take a lavish vacation in Hawaii, leave Michelle there for some extra days, and have a plane travel from Washington DC back to Hawaii and back to Washington DC at the cost to taxpayers of about $1 million just for that one trip. And how do Democrats defend this? By criticizing George Bush and his vacations.

The president and Democrats want to spend $6 billion to extend unemployment benefits for three months. This of course is a continuation of emergency benefits that have been renewed again and again for over five years. Where is the economic recovery? Each month when economic data is released, there seems to be a new way of calculating the metrics in order to make the GDP higher and unemployment lower. Is this the only way that we can achieve economic optimism? By finding new ways to manipulate the numbers?

This is the new normal. Chronic unemployment is now the job creator according to Democrats. Someone will have to explain this to me, because if that were the case, we should all quit our jobs and go on unemployment areas that will create enough jobs to keep us all on employee. Makes sense to me. Why do we even have taxation in this country? Why don't the Democrats and the administration just continue to print approximately $3 trillion per year for the annual budget? As we have seen in fiscal policy for the past five years, deficits don't matter. And the less we talk about them, the better.

This far into January, were probably not going to hear happy new year from well-wishers too much anymore. And that's okay, because we don't want to be happy, we don't want to be sad, we just want to be mediocre. That's all we should be shooting for-mediocrity, the new normal.

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