Newspaper should investigate Sensenbrenner and Johnson

As U.S. Congressman James Sensenbrenner and U.S. Senator Ron Johnson have a hissy fight about how to best damage Obamacare, it is time the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and/or other news periodicals take a look at the actions, legislative decision-making, and past financial investments of these two conservatives.

Sensenbrenner has a long history of supporting insurance companies, health care behemoths, etc., and miraculously having investments in these same groups.  Of course Sensenbrenner will try to sell you snake oil about these investments being in a blind trust.  But if I know about them he certainly does also.

It seems to me that most of Sensenbrenner's actions in the House have been aimed at increasing his own bundle ...and he does have a bundle.  He even had investments in Halliburton as he supported the invasion of Iraq.  Following that invasion, Halliburton was given tons of money from the Pentagon without any contract or proper review.  Disgusting.  No, it is not illegal for Sensenbrenner to do this, but this continuing action to feather his own nest should be revealed by a thorough investigation and report in news sources.  The voting public and every American citizen has a right to know this.

As for U.S. Senator Johnson, his words and actions have been very embarrassing to Wisconsin, the state he represents in that august body.  His lack of ability to grasp complex issues is alarming.  But even more alarming have been his criticism of most federal aid to underserved, needy individuals.  Now that Senator Johnson has his own little bundle. he wants to refuse federal aid to others.  It is time for news sources to reveal the extent to which Johnson himself took federal aid when he was in business.  It is plenty.

There are enough me-first people in politics.  Having two men like this in top offices is not only an example of self-interest, it is an example of greed personified.

Let's reveal how much these two men have benefitted from their offices and their business and then they vote to refuse to give aid to those who need it.  They represent democracy turned upside-down.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: are you listening?

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