Boiling It Down

I have had two careers: (1) teaching the social studies (2) selling promotional merchandise. Teaching is selling: selling is teaching.

The General Welfare

taxation, family values, social welfare

The eensey weensey spider went up the water spout. The spider apparently had a need to go up the spout. In my research, I have not discovered why the spider did this. Was the spider a male or a female?

Were there children involved? I would think that any parent with family values would want to rejoin his/her children. At any rate, as you no doubt recall, down came the rain and washed the spider out.

Subsequently...out came the sun and dried up all the rain. Then the eensey weensey spider went up the spout again.

This commentary deals with the nature of desire, and frustration, and has been around for some time. It is worthy of consideration. What if the spider constructed a home for his wife and their four very very eensey weensey offspring? In the gutter on your roof? I have gutters on my roof in Mequon, equipped with waterspouts: I imagine you do too. It often rains in Ozaukee County. So this effort by the spider goes on and on and on...

What are we to do? Spiders don't have employment and don't pay taxes. They lack representation. There is no welfare for spiders affected by weather disasters. And they are eensey weensey! We tend to care for stray cats and dogs. But spiders?

People have sung this rhyme for generations. Why? The problem is frustrating. I desire an answer!!



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